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Best People

You often like to apologize to other people, since forgotten the promise? 7. How do you, in your opinion: nervy, tense or depressed. 8. Of the proposed dishes at the bar, whether you choose something exotic instead of a traditional kitchen? 9. When the challenge you to make cleaning the house, you’ll probably prefer a quick, thorough and meticulous? 10. Do you blame yourself because of the failure of trade? 11. Have you experimented with drugs (except alcohol)? 12. Are you often late and miss appointments? If you answered “yes” to most questions with numbers 1,4,7 and 10, you are characterized by “a neurotic condition. “Neurotic state” – a tendency due to negative emotional state, manifests itself as anger, anxiety or depression. If you answered “yes” to most questions with numbers 2,5,8 and 11, you “tend to be adventurous.”

It reflects your tendency to search for new sensations and risk. If you answered “yes” to most questions with numbers 3,6,9 and 12, that corresponds to your type of “good” person. Integrity is responsible for such personality traits as: duty, responsibility, and reliability. Ceteris paribus, an ideal image of individuality in the trade market – a high integrity, low neurotic state, and low tendency to adventurism. Good trader will stick to this system will not impulsively enter or exit the market because of its emotion, and will sell for a profit, and not because of his nervous disposition. According to my observations, the best traders are less hot-tempered people. They are considerate and conscientious in their approach and to perform work, they will not allow emotions to go beyond their discipline. Conversely, people with high risk and those who seek novelty, excitement and action, often take on the impulsive and imprudent risks. Very often, neurotic emotions subside after a series of losses. These people trade not only for profit but for the excitation and self-satisfaction. Even if they are given a proven, profitable trading system, they will not be able to accurately follow it. System traders direct their energies to determine the optimal parameters of the profitability of the system. It is very important to find a system that would be combined with individuality. Not prone to risk traders can trade on smaller time intervals and with more short positions than traders, allowing risky trade.

Traders with a high demand for novelty and excitement can make the trade more shares instead of concentrating on a relatively small quantities. And maybe some people are just not set up for trading? I would say – yes, just like some people are not born to be pilots or surgeons. Difficult to imagine a trader enjoying endless success, without the capacity for disciplined trade. It is often possible to find a trader who loses, following the strategy. This is because he or she is behaving too impulsively to the market. One of the best trading strategies that can be used, is to find the optimal balance of attention, emotion, success, self-esteem, emotional balance, leaving the excitement outside the trade. Sometimes traders in conversation with me trying to impress explaining that the trade – it’s entire life. They do not realize that their “passion” and “obsession” may turn against them. If you have a trading system, and you truly follow it, the trade will be quite boring and standard. Better to enjoy the roller coaster outside trades than to ride with your money in the market!