17.5% EURO Appreciation For Consumers!

Up to 17, 5prozent pay less for refueling and shopping! The project by Stanislav Bergo SUPER-MARKET service makes headlines in Germany and Austria. The first part of the project of free money”allows each individual and also small business owners, sales force, freelancers, etc. vouchers and prepaid cards for the most famous trade and service station chains for maximum 1,000,-EURO per person and ID to order. For example, you ordered for 66,-euros and receives coupons or prepaid cards in the goods value of 80,-euros. So the euro is de facto to 17.5% (14,-= EURO) upgraded. These vouchers or pre-paid cards are treated at the petrol stations and shops like cash. At the respective stations you can except refuelling of petrol or diesel, wash your car and in the meantime buy in the shop. This saving in everyday life, a significant discharge of the often very tight monthly budget means for families.

In times of rising unemployment, this project is a real help to the forced restrictions to alleviate or mitigate. For those who drive to work drive, as households, or sales people, sales representatives, small business owners, professionals who travel a lot are an ideal way to cost containment. Thousands of satisfied customers use already this source to the 17.5% euro appreciation. Sending more information, with a list of participating gas stations and chain stores for these vouchers, or prepaid cards, get it immediately, if you are at: gratisgeld.name/vp/10664 register for free. Contact: ATN-team management and services m control distributor of SMS Tel: 08191/308470